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Certified by SONYas Green Partner for that having an environmental management system
Successfully meeting the requirement of the Philips' Supplier Certification Program

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Surface Protection Tape

Coating a high-class film with a separable adhesive to protect the surfaces has developed the Surface Protective Adhesive Tape. The applications of this Surface Protective Adhesive Tape become ever wider industrial uses, electronic parts, PC monitor screen, LCD screen, Non-metals, plastic, aluminum plates, furniture, colored steel plates, stainless steel plates, construction materials, window frame and other various product surfaces requiring protection. The surface of any of the material or others can be protected during its processing, transportation or storage.


  • Highly resistant to deterioration and heat
  • Safely used due to little sensitivity
  • The quality of subject item is guaranteed because it is free from any contamination or scratch.
  • Used as anti-impact, anti-damage or anti-rusting depending on the thickness of the film applied.
  • The adhesiveness and thickness of film can be adjusted upon customers' requests such as tailor made format available
  • Home Appliances, Automobile and their parts.
  • Construction materials especially window frame
  • Stainless steel plates (colored ones, mirror plates, hairline plates, polishing plates)
  • Colored steel plates (fluorine steel plates, laminated steel plates, high-glossy steel plates, zinc plated ones)
  • Plastic plates (acrylic plates, PVC plates, PVC Deco sheets)
  • Aluminum plates (high chassis, PVC chassis)
  • Furniture, non-metallic plates, Floor axels
  • PC monitor, LCD screen protect them from scratch during transportation and presented to the window shop.

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